NPI Profil Demir is one of the iron that many of us use in many fields and almost all kinds of buildings and steel constructions, which many of us see but do not know the name of. With the development of today's building and spare parts sector, there has been a great increase in needs in this field. NPI Profile Anchors have been produced to meet these needs and to alleviate durability, quality and workforce, albeit to some extent. NPI irons are also known as double sided of NPU irons. It is used in the construction of small and multi-storey buildings and workplaces and in the creation of all kinds of steel constructions. In addition, NPI Profile Iron, which plays a major role in the construction of machinery and agricultural tools, has increased the quality and durability in all areas where it is used. Standards in the production of NPI irons are ideal sizes in the range of 80/400 mm and 6 meters in length.

Z Profile

Z Profiles with safer carrying capacity


T Profile

T profiles that will act as carriers in your structures


L Profile

L profiles that are generally used in corner connections.


D Profile

D Profiles that can be used whenever you need


Ellipse Profile

Stronger Ellipse profiles than round profiles are here.


Oval Profile

Everywhere from the automotive industry to the furniture industry.


Construction Pipe

Construction pipes especially used in the construction industry.


Rectangular Profile

We produce rectangular profiles that can be used in every industry.


Square Profile

Square profiles used in many areas with the quality of Sinan Efe.